Senior Adult Ministries-CORNERSTONE


The CornerStone ministry of Eastern Hills is an outreach to all seniors ages 60 years and older. Senior adults are the senior treasures of the local assembly, a wealth of wisdom, ready to minister others and contribute. They are the rock, the “petra” (Gr.) of a church…hence the name ‘CornerStone’. Holiday theme gatherings are offered the third Thursday with speakers, devotions, special music and song, good food, and fellowship. Members of EHBC and guests are invited. The global pandemic and economics have inhibited travel out of state at this time, so activities are limited to the church at Miller Hall and nearby venues. Formal planning for monthly events on the church calendar and the CornerStone ministry budget are done annually.


SecondChance is an extra opportunity for a second period of fellowship gathering for Senior Adults or if the monthly Cornerstone event was missed. Other activities like potlucks, excursions, ministries, Bible studies, worship and prayer, and other endeavors as determined by group consensus.
Please contact associate pastor of senior adults Rich Willard at the church for any questions-(505)-298-8455 or:

 Barnabas Caregiver Ministry Training

As a part of Pastor Rich’s work on his doctorate, he has created a training manual to help members of the church family be better equipped to care for other members of the church in need during crisis times. The first training for this ministry was held on March 18, 2023. Recordings of those training sessions are (and will be as they are completed) linked below for those who could not attend.
Training Session 1: March 18, 2023
Training Session 2: March 23, 2023
Training Session 3: March 30, 2023
Training Session 4: April 6, 2023