Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor

The time we live in is a fearful one. Whether that be through illness, as is present at the time of writing this, or the news, there are so many forces pulling us this way and that, doing what they can to distract and fill with fear.

So, as the song begins, take a moment to reflect, when the storms of life come, what do we put our hope in. Like Matthew 7:24-27, the parable of the man who built a house on sand, the other on firm ground, where do we build our house when the storm comes? When, as the song states, “those winds of doubt blow through me, and my sails have all been torn”, what do we look to? Is it Christ, or something else? Where do we build our house? Do we keep our eyes on Christ as our hopes are few?

“Christ the sure and steady anchor, while the tempest rages on”

It is hard to see outside a storm while you are in the middle of it. But we must cling to the hope in Christ. Now, take a moment to turn to Acts 27:21-26. Here we find Paul, once Saul, imprisoned and on his way to Rome to speak to Caesar. Though quite literally a tempest, the ship is trapped within a great storm. Think on his response in this situation. After he sees the angel, does he not cling to God fully? The moment the Lord told him what to do, he followed. He trusted Christ, even when things seemed to be as dark as they could be, with the crew around him terrified. Yet he clung to Christ, his anchor. Are we that same calm presence in a time of crisis?

Now we should be in the next part of the song, where they say something which is often overlooked by many, including me. “Christ the sure and steady anchor, through the floods of unbelief; hopeless somehow, O my soul, now, life your eyes to Calvary”. In these times of crisis we must focus on Christ. Read Hebrews 12:1-2 and think on what stands out to you. Do we fix our eyes on Christ when things go dark, as Matt Boswell and the author of Hebrews both speak of? It is ok to struggle, ultimately, for we are still human, but still, we must look to Christ while we can.

This last main section of the song is probably one of the most profound sections within the song. The entire verse points so perfectly to what we must focus upon.

“As we face the wave of death; when these trials give way to glory as we draw our final breath”. The passage of scripture which immediately comes to my mind is Acts 7:55-60, the stoning of Stephen. Take a moment to read this passage and think on it. Like we discussed, he focused on Christ, even when he was going to die. And indeed, he did. But did you notice something? “As we draw our final breath, we will cross that great horizon, clouds behind and life secure”. Remember Hebrews, which we read a moment ago? For the only time in scripture, Christ is standing at the right hand of God. Not seated, but standing. There are many interpretations to this, and perhaps what I am about to say needs to be confirmed, but it is as if Christ was welcoming him!

For Stephen held faithful and true, even to death, and clung to Christ, his anchor. And so Christ stood, greeting him as Stephen was called home, his race run, and himself a good and faithful servant. And “the calm will be the better for the storms we have endured”. At the end of it all, Stephen joined Jesus in paradise, with the suffering he endured done, and his life beginning.

“Christ the sure of our salvation, ever faithful, ever true! We will hold fast to the anchor, it shall never be removed”

He will not leave us or abandon us. Like Paul or Stephen, those who fix their eyes on Him and follow Him wholeheartedly have life and hope, despite the fears of this world. He is merciful and bountiful to us, like making Stephen pass out before the stoning began, or sparing the entire crew of men who Paul was among for following his commands.

So, I will leave you with this. Pray for wisdom and courage. Seek Christ and look to Him even when things seem so completely and utterly dark that we cannot see beyond it. Remember that when the storm seems the darkest, Christ is there, and no matter the outcome He will be with you, now and forever. And pray not only for wisdom and courage, but for those you know who do not have that hope and life in Christ. Those who only see the fear of this time, and are terrified by it. Those who are without the hope that you and I possess, and that ultimate joy we are destined to have.

Cling to Christ, our sure and steady anchor.